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"Re-reanimated is like a Kevin Smith zombie flick" Tex Massacre - Bloody-Disgusting.com

"ReRe-Animated, I loved it, very fun and extremely entertaining" - Jimmy Star from the Jimmy Star Show

"A J and Silent Bob Zombie Flick" - Alex Blacke

"A brilliantly written Zombie short with a comic book twist, I loved it!" Woody Meckes - Fright Asylum

"ReRe_Animated kicks life back into the whole idea of zombies" James - Down With Film

‎"An impressively executed quirky piece." - Lauren Taylor - Bloody-Disgusting.com

"A "special" twist on the modern zombie film" Steven Shea - Abyssmal Entertainment


ReRe-Animated is a new Short Horror Film from SockMonster Productions


Bodies line the streets, zombies roam hunting for brains or flesh, the "Zombie Apocalypse is now"... At least that is what Brian thinks. Brian drags Wess from his bed, and out through the night barricading themselves inside the safest place to be when zombies attack... A bar... Wess doubting the accuracy of Brian's recollection tries to convince him he could be wrong. Together the two friends wait out what could be the zombie apocalypse arguing as their imaginations run wild.